How to Choose a Tig Welder

TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas which is commonly used by professional welders at a shop or anywhere. TIG is a type of welding to produce weld from metals. Welding can be properly done by  using a non-consumable tungsten electrode. TIG is also commonly known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) provides an arc shielded by inert gas that protects weld and tungsten.

Steps to Choose a Tig Welder

How much power do you need from TIG Welder?

TIG welder can work on 120 volts or 240 volts both. It depends upon what type of metal you are planning to work on. Also, you have to see the location before start welding. If you planning to work from shop or home, then you should choose lower power machine. But if you are working in a professional area then you should opt high-power machine like TIG welder.

Look for Pulse Tig Feature

Another feature you should look upon when you are looking to buy a TIG welder is pulse feature. TIG welding gives you authority to full control the amount of heat that you apply to weld metal. TIG pulse gives you right to weld thin metal also without risk of burning. TIG pulse also weld stainless steel without having it rust.

Foot pedal or Hand Trigger

A professional welder can best say to a person who has the capability to weld metal without having loss or can do superior work. Though, TIG welder has a foot pedal feature which allows a welder to control the amount of heat to weld metal by pressing. Foot pedal can be controlled by you to adjust the heat input with your foot .

Duty Cycle of Welder

Duty cycle of an TIG welder can be simply considered as time duration. By using duty cycle option, you can adjust your machine at 10 minute period of time. If an machine is rated at 300 amps/60%duty cycle, then metal will be weld at 300 amps for six minutes and in remaining time, machine needs time to cool. Duty cycle feature at TIG welder gives relief to an welder that its metal will weld at certain time period without over heating.

Arc Start

Every TIG welder uses current to weld metal and usually there are three types of starts.

Scratch Start- Scratch start is now an older style of starting technique. It is commonly associated with a transformer type machine.

Lift Start- This type of technique enables the welder to touch tungsten gently to metal, lift it off the metal, then current begin flow and ignites the arc for welding.

High Frequency Start- HF start allows the arc to get start without providing touch tungsten to piece. This feature will helpful if the risk of tungsten contamination of the job is an issue, like pressure vessel welding. 

Is portability important for you?

Portability is the most important factor which every welder considers after power or duty cycle. Every welder worry about the size and weight of a TIG welder. Smaller TIG welder has a weight of around 40-50 pounds and is very easy to move anywhere. Whereas,larger units have a weight of 100 pounds or more, which will be very difficult for welders to move. But,nowadays smaller TIG welders provide you enough power to get your work done rather than larger TIG welder.

Do you need Ac/Dc Tig welder?

Yes, an professional welder will have to work on certain type of metals. So, they will look for those TIG welder who can work fully on AC/DC power source. Example, aluminium, magnesium are those metals which can be welded using AC output. Steel and Stainless steel are those metals which can be welded with DC output. If you looking to buy an TIG welder, then you should consider a welder which should have both outputs.


Every TIG welder should ensure that you should have right product with warranty cover.If any problem comes, you will get proper care of your product using warranty card to fix your problems and keep your machine in good condition. Before buying an TIG welder, one must assure that he will be getting proper care of his product after any technical problems occur.

How much Amperage Range = Thickness of materials you plan to weld

Most of the professional welder confused before buying an TIG welder is what TIG welder is best for their work ? This can be surely about the thickness of material you will work on. If you are looking to weld thick metal like 1/2 inch, don’t consider TIG welder.

TIG welder Accessories

TIG welder produces weld of a many materials without generating sparks, smoke, fumes etc. TIG welders offers control over what type of weld quality you want. TIG welder comes with many accessories which makes comfortable for welder to do his job without having a single problem. It has TIG Torches,Tungsten Electrodes, Caps, Adaptors, Lenses and more.

What is your Budget ?

Most of the professional welders stuck in while choosing an best TIG welder. Every TIG welder comes with a lot of functionalities, varieties that fascinate welders to buy in a good budget. Many TIG welders will cost of up to $700 to $900.

Additional Features

Many of the TIG welders comes up with a lot of versatility like it can have AC balance, stick welding or plasma cutting capabilities. These additional features are amazing and you will definitely like while doing welding. You will work on potential projects like you can weld carbon steel, stainless steel, copper,aluminium etc and it will save your time every time. You don’t need to change welder every time.


Having an perfect TIG welder at your place is like cherry on cake.With this,you will be able to make high quality, good looking welds without having an rust to it. Before purchasing, one must ensure that it should have foot pedal, amperage range, versatility. These factors you should take on your mind before selecting an right one in best budget. An good TIG welder will not only polish your skills, it will have great chances to work with big clients and you will on track to become a successfull welder.

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