Placement Services

Career Placement Services
Institute of Welding Career Placement Services Erie, PA Campus

Your ability to get a job is a direct reflection of our school…so we really care about your success.

The Institute of Welding is market-driven, focusing both on the needs of our students and the needs of our students’ future employers. We are measured by our graduates’ success. We succeed when we provide our graduates with the skills necessary to help them achieve the career they want.

The Institute of Welding is serious about helping our graduates find jobs. Our staff, along with members of the faculty, help students achieve real-life positions in their chosen fields. Although the school does not guarantee placement, the school makes every effort to assist students in securing employment.

We also maintain active files on graduate placements and employment opportunities. In other words, we continue to share job opportunities even after the Institute of Weldings’ graduate has secured employment!! The Institute of Welding’ will help you as long as you need.